Granada Province

Holiday Rentals

Granada holiday rentals

The Granada Province offers so much for the holiday traveller there are resort towns on the coast on its Costa Tropical. Although this area is famed for its mountain villages with their white washed walls and fantastic mountain scenery. Holidaying in this region offers some wonderful and speciality accommodation from rural country hotels to the many cave dwellings that have been turned in holiday apartments or guest houses. Stay in a traditional white washed house in a mountain village enjoy wonderful traditional Andalusian food an spend your summer days in pretty street with squares filled with cafes. For the more adventurous the area offers many activities from walking, cycling to horseback riding and birdwatching. The area is also home to the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and makes a prefect ski destination as well. There are lots rental properties available from small budget studios to luxury country houses.

Long Term Rentals

Granada Long Term Rentals

Renting long term in the Granada Province is a choice of many who live and work in the Region. There are many local Spanish and other Europeans that want to rent long term either on the coast or for a simpler way of life in one of the pretty whitewashed villages. The area of the Granada Province is somewhat cheaper to rent long term than some other areas on or near the coast in Spain. There is a wide selection of properties on the rental market from studio apartments to country house and luxury villas with private pools, as well apartments in ski resorts, that can be more expensive depending on the season. There is a large expatriate community of many Northern Europeans and the long term rental market is buoyant in Granada.

Winter Rentals

Granada Winter Rentals

The Granada Region is a perfect place to spend the winter months. The coastal area offers warm winter days if you after some winter sun, whereas a short drive takes you high above sea level in to the mountain ranges where you can ski or just take in the spectacular scenery. Winter rentals are a popular choice in the Granada Province, there is something for everyone, from the main city of Granada and the famous Alhambra Palace to the many whitewashed villages that are dotted on the landscape. There are also coastal towns on the Costa Tropical where you can find reasonable accommodation when the summer tourists have left the area. It’s so easy to find a winter rental in Granada and it´s surrounding towns, why spend another wet and cold winter in Northern Europe when you can explore this wonderful region.

Granada Province Rentals

Granada - Rentals

Granada winter, long term and holiday rentals

Granada being the capital city of the province has a population just under 250,000. It is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and 1 hour from the coast. It’s home to famous Alhambra Palace.

Motril - Rentals

Motril long term, winter and holiday rentals

The second largest town in the province, Mortil is on the coast and has a large port. Even though on the coast and with the hot southern temperatures it is more of a commercial town than a resort. Although a good place for tourist to shop and stock up with its many large supermarkets.

Almuñécar - Rentals

Almuñécar holiday, winter and long term rentals

Located on the coast on the Costa Tropical Almuñécar is a popular resort town that offers everything needed for the traveller from great hotels and restaurants to a water park and a Roman aqueduct with hot springs.

Baza - Rentals

Baza holiday, long term and winter rentals

Just 100 kms for Granada city Baza in known as an Andalusian Jewel nestling between two mountain ranges, it has a spectacular back drop. In this area you can find many cave houses which make an unusual and special rental.

Loja - Rentals

Loja holiday, winter and long term rentals

Loja is 50km west from Granada city it has much history and the Moorish influences can been still seen today with the Alcazaba fortress with most of its towers and walls still remain standing today.

Guadix - Rentals

Guadix long term, winter and holiday rentals

Famous for its cave houses in the Barrio Troglodyte, Guadix is located on the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada. A cathedral country city it is off the normal beaten track and 45 minutes drive from Granada city.

Maracena - Rentals

Maracena winter, long term and holiday rentals

Only 6 km from the centre of Granada and only 3km from the Alhambra Palace Maracena is a thriving town served by a metro station and a history dating back to the Roman times. Its residents enjoy many sporting activities.

Armilla - Rentals

Armilla long term, winter and holiday rentals

Armilla is only 5km from Granada City and played a major role in history dating back to the Christian reconquest. It is home to restaurants serving some traditional Andalusian dishes such as rabbit cooked with garlic and parsley.

La Zubia - Rentals

La Zubia holiday, long term and winter rentals

Known as the gateway to the Sierra Nevada mountain range La Zubia is an attractive town with ancient history and surrounded by lush fertile lands. Its famous for the 700 year old tree that is an official natural plant monument. 

Albolote - Rentals

Albolote long term, winter and holiday rentals

8km from Granada city Albolote has good transport links to the centre. Like most towns in the area it has the fantastic back drop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range with its snow capped peaks. 

Santa Fe - Rentals

Santa Fe Granada long term rentals, winter and summer rentals

Santa Fe was originally built by the Catholics around 1500 when they were besieging Granada. The town was built in record time of just 80 days, showing the Catholics strength and determination to win back Granada from the Moors.

Pinos Puente - Rentals

Pinos Puente long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

Famous as the childhood home of Federico García Lorca, the famous Spanish poet, Pinos Puente is a nature lovers paradise. It is on the tourist route “la Ruta del Califato” from Cordoba, that passes through Jaen and finishes in Granada.

Atarfe - Rentals

Atarfe long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

An inland town 20 minutes drive from Granada Atarfe has both the rivers Cubillas and Colomera running by it and is close to the park and reservoir of Cubillas and Colomera. The area offers sports such as kayaking on the river.

Salobreña - Rentals

Salobreña holiday, long term and winter rentals

A coastal town on the Costa Tropical Salobreña is a 45 minutes drive from Granada and is pretty whitewashed town on the coast that has history dating back over 6000 years and has a Moorish castle over looking the town.

Íllora - Rentals

Íllora long term, winter and holiday rentals

A village to the west of Granada Íllora offers tourist a natural environment with it´s lush forest and hilly landscape it is a great place for walkers. There are many walking paths that take you to the megalithic complex.

Ogíjares - Rentals

Ogíjares long term, winter and holiday rentals

A suburb of nearby Granada Ogíjares was originally two small Arab villages, High Ogíjar and Low Ogíjar. Over the years the villages have joined and become known as Ogíjares.  It is fertile area irrigated by the Monachil and Dílar rivers.

Huétor Vega - Rentals

Huétor Vega holiday, winter and long term rentals

A traditional whitewashed Andalusian mountain village Huétor Vega has many pretty streets and public areas to enjoy the beauty of the town. It offers a fantastic location to enjoy nature on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

Las Gabias - Rentals

Las Gabias long term, winter and holiday rentals

Las Gabias is only 8km from Granada city and fast becoming one of the most popular places to live in the area, with its young population on average 34 years of age. Its origin is in brick making, but is now becoming a commuter city to Granada.

Huétor-Tájar - Rentals

Huétor-Tájar long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Huéscar - Rentals

Huéscar long term, winter and holiday rentals

A 2 hour drive from Granada Huéscar is a very traditional mountain town which retains many of its authentic Andalusian cultures. Outdoor activities are plenty and walking is the main activity in the area.  

Peligros - Rentals

Peligros long term, winter and holiday rentals

A 20 minutes drive from Granada city Peligros makes up part of the metropolitan area of the city. In this mountainous region it is nestled in the valley surrounded by fields and orchards, yet it is still 680 meters above sea level. 

Churriana de la Vega - Rentals

Churriana de la Vega holiday, winter and long term rentals

Just 7km from Granada Churriana de la Vega it has the river Genil and many streams to feed it´s agricultural lands and for this reason is known as “paradise valley”. There are several points of historical interest including its Arab baths.

El Padul - Rentals

El Padul long term, winter and holiday rentals

A very interesting town within close proximity to Granada and as such having a prosperous economy. Its home to a wetland area known as “La Laguna” that is great for birdwatching and other outdoor activities.  

Montefrío - Rentals

Montefrío long term, winter and holiday rentals

The stunning landscape and architecture of Montefrío are a sight to behold. A top the rock in the village is the structure of the Arab fortress and church of La Villa. The whitewashed village is surrounded by a diverse landscape.