Murcia Region

Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals Murcia, Costa Calida

The Murcia regions coastal area is called the Costa Calida and is famed for the Mar Menor salt lagoon which is home to the famous La Manga resort and many other tourist towns along the stretch of land that separate the salt lagoon from the Mediterranean sea. There is a wide choice of accommodation for tourists including all types of holiday accommodation. It attracts visitors from across the world as well as Spanish locals. The long sandy beach offers many water sports and kite surfing is extremely popular due to the prevailing winds. There Mar Menor and Murcia region offers tourist some great wonders nature has to offer, from muds baths and mineral springs. A perfect place for a rejuvenating holiday.

Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals Murcia, Costa Calida

Many British and Northern European expats live in the Murcia Region along it´s coast in towns on the Mar Menor such as San Javier and Los Alcázares as well as further south in the marina town of Mazarrón. Murcia offers its residents fantastic all year weather with a micro climate which provides a high annual temperature and translated Costa Calida means warm coast. Murcia Region also offer the long term renter value for money in comparison to the more expensive Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol, although still offers all the amenities and activities we have become accustomed to from the Spanish Coast. Its cities of Murcia and Cartagena provide everything you would expect from large European cities. 

Winter Rentals

Winter Rentals Murcia, Costa Calida

Many Northern Europeans travel to the Murcia Region and the Costa Calida in the winter to enjoy its fantastically warm micro climate. There are many options for winter renting from apartments along the Mar Menor to villas on La Manga Resort. The marina town of Mazarrón and surrounding also offer a good choice of properties to rent during the winter months. Renting during the winter months is very economical as many owners who rent during the summer offer greatly reduced rates for winter occupancy. Visiting this area for an extended stay during the winter, gives you the opportunity to explore all the great history of the region without the summer heat, yet with warm temperatures and blue skies.

Holiday Rentals Murcia

Murcia Region Rentals

Murcia City - Rentals

Murcia long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Murcia is the Capital city of the Region of Murcia. It has a population of over 400,000 and is the seventh largest in Spain. The city alone makes up around a third of the population of the whole region of Murcia.

Cartagena - Rentals

Cartagena holiday rentals, winter and long term rentals

A famous Naval city Cartagena is steeped in history from being a famous defence port since the 16th Century and is still Spanish Navy´s official home. Along with the Naval history there are ruins of Roman Theatre to explore.

Lorca - Rentals

Lorca long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Lorca a famous city dating to the Roman times and was once the border and frontier town between the Christian and Muslim parts of Spain. Unfortunately some serious damage was done to the city and it´s famous castle during an earthquake in 2011.

Molina de Segura - Rentals

Molina de Segura long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Only 10km from the capital of Muria Molina de Segura is made up of three main districts La Ribera de Molina, Torrealta and El Llano de Molina. There is much history and with parts of the town dating back to 11th century.


Alcantarilla long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

Only 7km from the city of Murcia this region is mainly suburbs of the city, but is an important agricultural area with low lying fertile plains including valley of the Segura river. The town is also home to the Spanish Airforce Parachutist Academy.

Cieza - Rentals

Cieza holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

Due to it´s location to the Segura river and it´s fertile lands Cieza main economy revolves around agriculture producing peaches and olives. The peach trees provide a spectacular sight with beautiful blossom between mid February to mid March.

Yecla - Rentals

Yecla long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

Yecla is located in the extreme North of the region and is some 96km for the capital city of Murcia. It is known for it´s wine producing and tourists can visit the vineyards and producers to sample their goods.

Águilas - Rentals

Águilas holiday rentals, long term rentals, winter rentals.

Águilas is on the southern most point of the Murcia Region and the Costa Calida, it has numerous beaches and coves. It´s port and many historical landmarks including the impressive castle.

Mazarrón - Rentals

Mazarrón holiday rentals, winter and long term rentals

The bay of Mazarrón is home to a marina with beach front bars and restaurants is a tourist destination and home to many Northern European expats. Historical a mining area rich in lead, zinc, silver, iron, alum and red ochre.

Torre-Pacheco - Rentals

Torre-Pacheco long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

An inland town to the north of Cartagena, Torre-Pacheco is a farming area famous for it´s windmills and one of Spains most famous flamenco competitions which is held in the 2nd fortnight in July. Walking around the town you will also find many contemporary works of art. 

San Javier - Rentals

San Javier holiday rentals, winter and long term rentals

Located on the famous Mar Menor, a an salt lagoon that is separated from the Mediterranean  by a strip of land which is home to the popular tourist destinations of the La Manga Resort and Santiago de la Ribera. 

Totana - Rentals


Totana is most famous for it´s pottery, artisan families and craftmas have handed down the skills form many generations to give Totana it´s title of the Pottery City. The town also has a large celebration during holy week. 

Caravaca de la Cruz - Rentals

Caravaca de la Cruz long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

One hour inland from the capital Murcia and on the border of Granada Province, Caravaca de la Cruz is considered on of the top 5 holy cities in the world and is destination for many pilgrimages. A spectacular fiesta is held between the 1st and 5th of May.

Jumilla - Rentals

Jumilla holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

A famous wine region Jumilla is 45 minutes north of Murcia City. Steeped in history from medieval and Roman times, Jumilla is fantastic place to visit for wine tasting and historical culture. It has a 15th century castle where visitors can enjoy superb panoramic views. 

San Pedro del Pinatar - Rentals

San Pedro del Pinatar holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

One of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Calida, on the Northern point of the Mar Menor, San Pedro del Pinatar originally a fishing village now offers it´s visitors long sandy beaches, salt flats and therapeutic mud baths.

Las Torres de Cotillas - Rentals

Las Torres de Cotillas long term rentals, holiday anf winter rentals

Just 15 minutes from the capital of Murcia, Las Torres de Cotillas is part of the agricultural region that surrounds the city and has been a settlement since the Roman times. The last week of August the locals celebrate with their annual fiesta.

Alhama de Murcia - Rentals

Alhama de Murcia holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

Alhama de Murcia is located in the valley of the  Guadalentín river and is known for it´s thermal springs, which brought both the moors and the Romans here, giving the town it´s name in Arabic it means “hot spri

Archena - Rentals

Archena holiday rentals, winter and long term rentals

The entrance to the Ricote Valley, Archena is 24 kilometres from Murcia and is famed for its hot mineral springs, where there are several hotels to enjoy the natural spa experience and it´s known as the best Spa location in Spain.  

Mula - Rentals

Mula long term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

A charming and historic town Mula is home to the fantastic 16th century castle erected by Marquis de los Vélez. Just 5km from Mula are natural spa baths, used since the Roman times, that are claimed to provide comfort for those suffering with rheumatic problems.

La Unión - Rentals

La Unión long term rentals, holiay and winter rentals

During Roman time La Unión was a rich mining town providing them with silver and lead, it now has more modern economy of agriculture and tourism. A short train journey provides a scenic route to the city of Cartagena.

Cehegín - Rentals

Cehegín long term rentals, holiay and winter rentals

Inland from Murcia City, Cehegín is a historical town which has many layers of history, dating back to 2400 BC, it has seen Prehistoric, Iberian, Roman, Visigoth, Arab and Christian settlers and this rich history can now be enjoyed today.

Fuente Álamo - Rentals

Fuente Álamo de Murcia long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Inland 22 kilometres from Cartagena and surrounded by mountains Fuente Álamo de Murcia, ideal for the more energetic tourists, walking, climbing and cycling, It is also close to the Hacienda del Álamo Golf Resort.

Santomera - Rentals

Santomera long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

20 minutes north of Murcia city and close to Orihuela, Santomera has been inhabited since the Argaric Age. It´s habitants are now employed in agriculture and cattle breeding. The town´s annual Moors and Christians fiesta is declared as being of regional tourist interest.

Los Alcázares - Rentals

Los Alcázares holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

On the Mar Menor and the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea, Los Alcázares is probably the top tourist destination in the Costa Calida, where you can enjoy relaxing on the beach or taking part in it´s many water sports.

Abarán - Rentals

Abarán long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Located in the Valley of Ricote on the banks of the River Segura and 40 km from the city of Murcia. Abarán provides a beautiful view of the valley Sierra del Oro, as well as its famous historical water wheels, which many can still be seen working today.

Puerto Lumbreras - Rentals

Puerto Lumbreras long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

A mainly agricultural area Puerto Lumbreras is a perfect spot for rural tourism 20 minutes south of Lorca it provides a varied landscape and vegetation that has built an industry of pottery production, carpets, fabric and articles made from esparto grass, all characteristic of the area.

Bullas - Rentals

Bullas holiday rentals, winter and long term rentals

Bullas is the second highest municipality in the region after Moratalla and has built a reputation for wine making. Its vineyards produce rich red wines, brandies and is especially known for it rose wines. As well as it´s rich history of archaeological sites.

Beniel - Rentals

Beniel Long Term rentals, winter and holiday rentals

Bordering the Alicante Province Beniel is 18 km east of Murcia and is mainly made up of irrigated land to support its agricultural economy. Settled by the Arabs in the 9th and 10th centuries Beniel is also known for it´s silk making.

Calasparra - Rentals

Calasparra holiday rentals, long term and winter rentals

Calasparra is a rice producing town, being at the junction between 4 rivers and 2 reservoirs, giving it privileged status due to these water sources.  It also has a UNESCO world heritage site for it´s caves with rupestrian paintings.

Ceutí - Rentals

Ceutí long term rentals, holiday and winter rentals

Ceutí is one of the fastest growing towns in the Murcia Region and is 18 kilometres from the capital. An agricultural town it experienced much growth due to the fruit and vegetable canning industries during the 1960s.